Gurulé Family Newsletter

The Gurulé Family Newsletters were started as a way of getting to know each other. We have so many "cousins" from all over the world, and it seemed a good way to feature some of our members, their memories and other topics of interest to all Gurulé descendants. Pat Sanchez Rau has created lots of lasting memories with the newsletters. If you have an idea for a story, something to share with the cousins, or would like to be featured, please contact Pat via E-Mail.

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Newsletter Table of Contents

Newsletter Issue 9
- December 2010
Newsletter Issue 8 - December 2009
Newsletter Issue 7 - August 2008
Newsletter Issue 6 - March 2008


Newsletter Issue 5 - April 2003
Newsletter Issue 4
- October 2002
Newsletter Issue 3
- July 2002
Newsletter Issue 2 - March 2002
Newsletter Issue 1
- January 2002

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