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Version #3 (Mar 2001) - This is not a complete index of every Gurule marriage record available, but only those which have been extracted to date from various sources, including those from other researchers who have generously provided their information. All records have been proofread against the source material.

Full names are contained in the table, even though they may not have been in the marriage record. From working on the Gurule's, I've learned full names of the person from their baptism record even though the marriage record might only contain part of their name. For example, look at the marriage record below, from page 130 of "La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Los Dolores - Las Vegas, Territorio de Nuevo Mexico" published by Luis Padilla:

Abril 6 de 1880. Mercedes Gurule, hijo legitimo de Simon Gurule y de Maria Trujillo, ya difunta, de la Parroquia de La Junta, con Francisca Galindre, hija legitima de Miguel Galindre, ya difunto, y de Juana Gonzales. Vecinos de Las Vegas. Padrinos: Tomas Pacheco y Manuela Gonzales

This is actually "Jose de los Mercedes de los Angeles Gurule" and he is the son of Juan Simon Gurule and Maria Trujillo à this information was obtained from his baptism record. So when you look at the table, I've included the full names even though not all information was contained in the marriage record:

6 Apr 1880 Jose de los Mercedes de los Angeles Gurule (son of Juan Simon Gurule and Maria Trujillo) and Francisca Galindre (dau of Miguel Galindre and Juana Maria Gonzales) - married at La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Los Dolores [Las Vegas-130]

At the end of each record is the source information. Please contact me, Angela Lewis if you have questions on any of these records.