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Note to Visitors–

This is the second release of baptism records. The list is by no means complete nor 100% proofread. If you have questions, please contact me, Angela Lewis via E-Mail, or check the source material identified with each record. In Virginia Olmsted’s research, she wrote that among the landed families, it was the maternal grandparents that were usually chosen as godparents of the first born child. The paternal grandparents were chosen as godparents of the second child. Relatives or close friends were then chosen for the other born children. Patrones (civilian or mlitary officials) were chosen as godparents for the less afluent families.

ap = abuelos paternos (paternal grandparents)
am = abuelos maternos (maternal grandparents)
gp = padrinos (godparents)
FHL = Family History Library

Ms Olmsted also wrote about the errors regarding a mother’s surname. Normally the parents did not attend the baptism ceremony, and the child was brought to the church by the godparents. Many times they guessed at the surname, and often the whole name. All obvious misspellings are underlined.


Angela (April 2003)