Special thanks to the following people –

Virginia Langham Olmsted – a certified genealogist from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In March 1987, she published her research of the Gurulé family in the National Genealogy Society Quarterly, Volume 75, Number 1. The article is titled "Grolet-Gurule: Los Franceses de Nueva Mexico" and contains history for the first four generations.   Ms Olmsted died in 1989, and she left behind a wonderful legacy of material published in New Mexico. 

Leon Moya – the technical wizard behind the Gurulé website and the mailing list, Leon lives in New South Wales, Australia.  The magic of computers and the internet enables all of us to share information, and that’s how he “met” Angela Lewis in 1999.  Leon was looking for his ancestors, and Angela was trying to find people who needed her Gurulé records.  At that time, Leon was State Coordinator for NMGenWeb.  Before long, Leon promised to build a website for the Gurulé family if Angela released her records.  The rest is history, and so many people have been connected through the skills of this generous person.  Read more about Leon in the March 2008 Gurulé Family Newsletter.

Angela Lewis – what started as a quest to find her grandmother, Rafaela Gurulé, turned into a life-long genealogy addiction.   Starting with Ms Olmsted’s research, she has filled in some of the missing pieces and expanded the family lines.  If you’d like help with your Gurulé ancestry, send an email to Angela Lewis and share what you already know.  There’s a good chance she might already have the rest of your ancestors.

Pat Sanchez Rau – a treasure for all to enjoy is the Gurulé Family Newsletter, and these have been made possible through the creative skills of Pat.  The newsletters have documented valuable information for researchers, and allowed us to “meet” the cousins and share family memories.  What others don’t know is that Pat has been “teacher” to Angela, and has helped with some of the intricacies of genealogy with her years of experience, research skills, and knowledge of the Spanish language.

Matt Guy – a graphics artist and a friend of Angela, special thanks go to Matt for the new website look.

And finally to all the cousins.  Without their involvement and hard work, many of the Gurulé lines would not have been connected.  It’s the sharing of their family history that has enabled Angela to help others make connections with their families.