Notes for Maria Leonora GALLEGOS

(dau of Claudio Gallegos and Refugio Siote)
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Notes for Ambrosio GARCIA

(son of Dionisio Garcia and Manuela Romero)
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Notes for Aniceto GARCIA

(baptized at age 15 days)
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Notes for Arcadia GARCIA

(dau of Matias Garcia and Maria de la Luz Garcia)
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Notes for Cosme GARCIA

(son of «u»Fosciri«/u» Garcia)
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Notes for Maria Gertrudis GARCIA DE NORIEGA

(dau of Cristobal Garcia and Ana Maria Fernandez, of Los Gallegos)
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Notes for Emma GOMEZ

(dau of Andres Gomez and Manuelita Maes)
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Notes for Simon GONZALES

(widower of Miquela Baca)
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