Notes for Ascencion ALDERETE

(widow of Jose Molina, dau of Jose Alderete and Maria Gertrudes Benavides)
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Notes for Juana Reyes BACA

(dau of Jose Baca and Guadalupe Otero of Los Lunas)
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Notes for Maria Herculiana BACA

(dau of Maria Rita Baca)
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Notes for Maria Rita Barbara BACA

(dau of Pedro Antonio Baca and Casilda Gonzales)
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Notes for Romualda BONCE

(dau of Julian Bonce and Maria Dolores Navarreto)
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Notes for Loretta CERNA

(dau of Antonio Serna and Juana Mirabal of Los Chavez)
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Notes for Benino CHAVEZ

(son of Romualda Chavez)
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Notes for Maria de la Luz CHAVEZ

(16, dau of Jose Santos Chave«u»z«/u» and Maria Salome Otero)
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Notes for Maria del Socorro CHAVEZ

(dau of Juan Chaves and Polonia Baca from Los Chaves)
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Notes for Maria CORIZ

(dau of Jose Coriz and Antonia Aragon of Santa Fe)
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Notes for Josefa FRESQUEZ

(dau of Pedro Fresquez and Teodora Leyva)
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Notes for Jesus Maria GABALDON

(Indian, raised in home of Antonio Gabaldon)
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Notes for Gregorio GARCIA

(son of Feliciano Garcia and Maria Caravajal)
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Notes for Bernarda GONZALES

(dau of Francisco Gonzales and Maria de los Angeles Molina)
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Notes for Secundina GONZALES

(dau of Tomas Gonzales and Francisca Barela)
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