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Listening to the Actor  
Some of our Gurule cousins listening to Gabriel Sahd, who portrayed Juan Archibeque, the explorer who was captured with our French ancestor. Jacques Grolet (Santiago Gurule).
Sitting with the Actor  
A few Gurule cousins, sitting with Gabriel Sahd who portrayed Juan Archibeque
The Aussie biker chick  
Cousin George A Sanchez and some Australian biker chick who wanted a Harley ride:
The water fight  
The Australian biker chick and Bonnie (Thomas) White, fighting over (?) George
Here's Trouble
Partners in Gurule Genealogy <Dig the Aussie board shorts on him>
Resting after the bike ride
Oh! Those California girls

Real Cousins, meeting for the first time.


Enjoying the beautiful NM sunshine


Hey man! I've been cooking all day

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