What a wonderful time we all had on a beautiful (hot) summer day in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In honor of Leon and Kay Moya who were visiting from Australia, I thought that would be a great opportunity to host a picnic and invite the "cousins" to come and meet them. It's just not every day that someone travels across the world to come to Albuquerque! My family pitched in and helped, and many thanks to everyone else who helped out that day! At final count, I believe there were about 75 cousins who came from California, Texas, Virginia, Colorado, various parts of New Mexico, and Paul Gurule who lives in Belgium and happened to be in town visiting his sister Eileen.

I was so excited to finally meet Leon! I don't think he ever realized what he was getting into when he talked me into releasing my Gurule genealogy and offering to build a web site. We've come a long way since then, and I've even learned to speak some "computereze" enough so we can talk to each other about things for the web site. Thanks to his web site, we're meeting more and more cousins all the time.

I'll never forget the joy that I had in meeting so many people at the picnic. So, click on the "preview page" and see some of the pictures that were taken at the Gurule Reunion Picnic. We'd like to add yours, so please send some more pictures to either Leon or me.


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